Step It Up-Frederick is Frederick, Maryland’s instance of the national Step It Up 2007 rally. The goal of Step It Up 2007 is to urge the U.S. Congress to take action to reduce carbon emissions by 80% by the year 2050. Step It Up’s leaders are organizing hundreds (soon to be thousands?) of rallies across the country on April 14, 2007 all in support of that goal. Photos and video of all the various events will be consolidated on the national website as a showcase to our political leaders of all of the support for action on climate change.

Step It Up-Frederick is a great way to make a difference on global warming by simply participating in a one-hour Saturday afternoon event!

To see more about Step It Up on the national level, please go to their website.

Step It Up-Frederick will occur on April 14 at 2:30pm. It will take the forum of a short bike parade through downtown Frederick followed by a rally with some speakers and music. Then we Some more facts:

In addition to the national goals, Step It Up-Frederick has some local goals specific to our region as well.

Photo of Frederick County by jturney on Flickr


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  1. 1

    Bob H. said,

    Be careful . . . the police might ticket you for “impeding traffic.” Such was the case with a regular bike ride known as “Critical Mass” this past Friday (March 30, 2007), where two cyclists were issued $80 tickets for “impeding traffic.” I guess the Frederick City police don’t consider cyclists traffic.

  2. 2

    Bill Preston said,

    It should be noted that the purpose of a Critical Mass ride appears to be to impede traffic flow by design; participants in these rides are not doing the cycling community any favors; they are, in fact, doing the opposite. – Bill Preston. Cyclists should ride vehicularly, courteously, yet assertively.

  3. 3

    I’m happy to see this kind of motivation in Frederick. I’ll try to attend and bring as many friends and family as possible KEEP IT UP!

  4. 4

    kita said,

    Michael, thanks for your offer to bring as many friends and family as possible – that’s what we need! It is really important to have as many people come as possible to send the message loud and clear that this is an important issue to us.

    As for the biking, thanks for the warning! We do have permits, so hopefully that should cover us.

    Also, please note that that the event is RAIN OR SHINE!

  5. 5

    Dylan P said,

    As a CM rider I really don’t like the disrespect that much of the biking community gives us. We’re not all “hooligans” as many people would probably call us. Many of us care about environment and ride for various reasons. I personally ride my bike everywhere and anywhere. Critical mass, though it is in your face, does share the lanes. We take up one line 90% of the time untill the last few seconds of the ride. The fact of the matter is bikers are not respected in Frederick, or anywhere else, and sometimes being in their face helps a small bit. I can use three examples of people, who ride critical mass, who have been hit by a car. My friend eric, my brother joel and my other friend alex. None of them have been hurt badly but one had the potential. Critical mass and bike rides of that nature are important for that reason a lone. We maybe a tad bit more in your face but honestly I don’t think people care to know about your organization and ours in every day life. The only people critical mass I think actually offend are other bikers. No one else knows about it except for the cops. It’s one friday a month and is a tiny blip on the radar. This on the other hand can be huge. I really hope it is. But bashing critical mass is dumb and is creating division between one group of bikers who are into bikes as if they were cars and another who do it for social/economic/political reasons or are just friends with people who believe in the social/economic/political ideas.

  6. 6

    Dylan P said,

    wow, a permit way to go….

  7. 7

    Tina said,

    I am really happy the organizers of this event decided to make it a locally based globally organized event. I heard a man on talk of the nation radio show today explain they felt it was better to have people take actions in their own local areas, than to have people drive and fly to washington dc to bring attention to pollution. This is what I would call higher level human thinking, something lacking in our political leaders of today. I think because this is a local event people should do their very best to make it out to support this lively democratic event. If you so not have a bike don’t let that stop you, come out and walk. Maybe we should all try to wear green. As far as critical mass bike rides go, I get so totally inspired every time I hear about these rides. Bikes were here first and why cars got to take over I don’t know. I think anyone who rides with critical mass should consider themselves a hero in the great American tradition of true democratic action that Henry David Thoreau supported.

  8. 8

    kita said,

    Yes, walkers are welcome!!! We have had several people mention they will be walking.

  9. 9

    Dave & Alice said,

    We’re really happy for the opportunity to get out of our cars, and try to help raise people’s consciousness on this issue. It’s a wonderful concept, and we expect it will be a wonderful, family-friendy time. In particular, we do NOT plan on worrying about any police action. If some minimal ticketing does occur, it will only serve to increase the opportunity for media exposure, making the police seem “petty officers”, and highlighting the difference between folks who are concerned about important issues like, uh, reducing planetary catastrophe, and those who remain entrenched in maintaining control, the status quo, and their own vested interests. It will be a joyous day, rain or shine. Make the scene! We’ll see you there! Thanks for all you do.

  10. 10

    Kray said,

    I have been hearing about this thing and planning to go for weeks. Now I look it up and the ride is less than a mile and it looks like most of that is along the creek. I am kind of disapointed now that I see the website, which I only checked out after hearing someone was picking on CM.
    I am not sure that you can call what appears to be a mostly off the street ride a “parade” or how us riding in a park will raise awareness, but I am going to assume the event planners have a plan and show up. Hopefully the number of people in cars with bikes on the back driving to downtown to ride a few blocks will do enough good to offset the amount of oil they burned getting there.

  11. 18

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  12. 24

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